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Vanguard™ engines are backed by the legendary and expansive Briggs & Stratton dealer network. Skim through our Frequently Asked Questions, download engine specific operator's manuals and illustrated parts lists, and find the nearest Briggs & Stratton service center.

AttentionRecommended Maintenance Schedule for Vanguard™ Engines
Every 8 Hours or Daily Check engine oil level Clean area around muffler and controls
Every 50 Hours or Annually Change engine oil Check muffler and spark arrester
Every 100 Hours or Annually Clean air filter *
Change engine oil and filter
Check muffler and spark arrester
Clean pre-cleaner (if equipped) *
Replace spark plug
Check valve clearance **
Every 400 Hours or Annually Change air filter
Clean air cooling system *
Replace fuel filter
Clean oil cooler fins *
* In dusty conditions or when airborne debris is present, clean more often.
** Not required unless engine performance problems are noted.