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Fire & Rescue

No margin for error. Choosing the proper engine to power equipment used in emergency situations is a critical decision. More manufacturers place their trust in Vanguard™ single-cylinder and V-Twin engines for the quick starts, compactness and non-stop reliability. For water pumps, hydraulic pumps and generators—where failure is not an option—Vanguard engines are proven to consistently deliver dependable performance.
Industry OEMs
Cascade Fire Equipment www.cascadefire.com
Class 1 (A Unit of the IDEX Corp) www.class1.com
Danko www.danko.net
Euramco Safety www.euramcosafety.com
FYR-TEK www.fyr-tek.com
Hurst Jaws of Life www.jawsoflife.com
Lukas Industrial www.lukas.com/industrial
Neel and Associates www.neelfire.com
Parasal Mfg. parasalmfginc.com/home/portable_fire_fighting_unit
Robwen Inc. www.robwen.com
Rowe Industries www.cafssystems.com
Tempest Technology www.tempest-edge.com
TNT Rescue Systems, Inc. www.tntrescue.com
Unruh Fire www.unruhfire.com
W. S. Darley Company www.wsdarley.com
Waterous Company www.waterousco.com
Wildfire Environmental Inc. www.wildfire-env.com