Extended Oil Maintenance Intervals

Oil Guard System by Vanguard

Extensive research shows that the biggest single factor for reducing productivity in a commercial cutting fleet is downtime for scheduled maintenance.

Vanguard looked for ways to reduce downtime associated with the most significant maintenance item – engine oil.

The Oil Guard System from Vanguard applies the same proven technology used in other high performance, highly demanding applications, integrating a dry sump system into a number of our vertical shaft V-Twin engines resulting in significantly reduced oil maintenance requirements.


  • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership
    500-hour recommended oil change intervals (as opposed to typical 100 hours). That equates to a 60% cost saving
    on oil maintenance*.
  • Increases Productivity
    Significantly reduces equipment downtime for oil maintenance. With Oil Guard you can achieve up to 80% fewer oil changes over a standard engine.
  • Its just so much Easier
    ¼ turn access with large oil fill neck makes oil changes even easier and less time consuming.

Protects Your Engine. Saves You Money.

Reducing downtime is a key to maximizing productivity. That’s the idea behind the Oil Guard System by Vanguard. By extending oil change intervals from a typical 100 hours to a whopping 500 hours, the Oil Guard System keeps equipment in the field, working longer.

Adapting dry sump technology from other high performance conditions,Vanguard was able to protect the oil by storing it in an external reservoir, rather than the engine sump. The higher volume of oil along with Oil Guard’s aluminum reservoir protects and cools the engine’s oil. Oil Guard’s unique automotive-style cartridge filter is 82% larger and 80% more efficient than our standard oil filters; further protecting engine oil, and in turn the engine.

Time isn’t the only thing you save with the Oil Guard System. It also saves you money. Fewer oil changes means reduced oil maintenance costs as well, saving you up to 60% on oil maintenance costs*, per unit, per season. When added to the reduced downtime associated with scheduled oil maintenance, the savings really begin to pile up.

Extended recommended oil change intervals, cleaner, easier, faster oil changes, reduced downtime for oil maintenance, and up to 60% savings* on oil maintenance costs. Only from the Oil Guard System. Only from Vanguard.

Vanguard Oil Guard Engine Lineup

*All Power levels are stated gross kilowatt at 3,600 RPM per SAE J1940 as rated by Briggs & Stratton.

*Cost savings based on standard oil maintenance with 100 hour interval versus Oil Guard System 500 hour service interval.