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Vanguard Tips & Troubleshooting

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Adjusting the Carburetor | Vanguard Engines FAQ

A big part of ensuring a smooth-running engine is keeping your carburetor and linkages clean and well adjusted. Read More »

Advanced Small Engine Repair | Vanguard Engines FAQ

The systems and techniques in this section are more complex than those described in our Basic Problem Solving Tips FAQ. But they're well within your reach if you have some basic repair projects under you belt. The same basic principles apply. Read More »

Vanguard/Commercial Series Engine Identification | Vanguard Engines FAQ

The Model, Type and Trim numbers, stamped directly into the engine, are used to identify our engines. Read More »

Determining Part Numbers | Vanguard Engines FAQ

Your Vanguard engine part numbers can be found in your engine's Illustrated Parts Lists (IPL). In order to download and view the correct Illustrated Parts List and determine the correct part numbers for your specific engine Read More »

Electrical Schematic & Wiring Diagrams | Vanguard Engines FAQ

Briggs & Stratton supplies electrical components pertaining to the engine only. In addition to wiring diagrams, Alternator Identification information, Alternator Specifications, and procedures for the replacement of an older Briggs & Stratton engine Read More »