What is TransportGuard™?

TransportGuard by Vanguard Engines


Vanguard Single Cylinder horizontal shaft engines include our patented TransportGuard™ feature. Integrating a single action fuel & ignition shut-off switch is a simple, yet genius solution to a complex and pervasive problem for rental stores.


Why use TransportGuard™?

Rental houses told us that hands down, their #1 engine problem was renters leaving the fuel switch open. Doing so resulted in fuel entering the crankcase and mixing with the oil which in turn resulted in engines not operating properly or not at all, directly impacting customer satisfaction maintenance costs.

When the fuel valve is left in the “on position,” equipment on a trailer or truck bed is jostled and the gravity-fed fuel systems allow fuel to float past the carburetor into the cylinder and crank case. This can cause downtime, reduce revenues and increase repair costs.

The patented TransportGuard system integrates the ignition and fuel shut off switches, thus eliminating the opportunity for customer error. Problem solved.

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