Power Application Center

The team of technicians at our Engine Application Center (EAC) utilizes advanced tools and technology to ensure a successful integration of engine power to meet our OEM customer needs. The EAC is a free service provided to Commercial Power customers enabling them to drastically reduce R&D time and expense. A wealth of technical expertise is applied to each project that flows through the EAC.

Following is a brief overview that highlights our partnering involvement in the product development process.

  • Evaluate Needs. Evaluate all areas of the engine/application interface.
  • Analyze Design. Analyze the relevant design factors with each individual manufacturer to ensure the power solution selected is properly matched with its intended application.
  • Testing. Conduct extensive testing to develop vibration, engine cooling and sound level alternatives to provide improvements in operator comfort, engine performance, and suggest design changes that will extend product life.
  • Review Performance. Perform Engine Installation Reviews (EIR) to evaluate engine applications and recommend product improvements to enhance engine/equipment reliability, which in turn increases end-user satisfaction.


The EACE services help streamline the product development process for Briggs & Stratton customers. Instead of designing a piece of equipment first, then choosing an engine, product managers can now work in partnership with the Briggs & Stratton EACE to precisely match equipment design requirements with the best engine options at the beginning of the product development process. This allows them to leverage the years of application expertise of the EACE to simultaneously increase equipment performance and reduce development costs.

The Engine Application Center Europe is based in our Viernheim, Germany facilities, and offers industry leading services in a conveniently centralized location.