Where to Rent Commercial Engines by Vanguard Engines

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For rental locations, an asset not in service means lost revenue. Our Vanguard engines are designed to start fast and finish strong, with integrated technology and features that mean repeat rentals. Take our patented TransportGuard™ feature for example. Found on our Vanguard Single Cylinder engines, it’s a single shut off switch for both the fuel and ignition, eliminating the opportunity for oil fuel dilution during transport, which means the equipment returns ready to rent out again. Not to mention providing an easier and more pleasant experience for the rental customer.

In addition to our reliable commercial engines, we also stand ready with the service and support you need to keep assets rented and generating revenue.

  • Order a part before 5pm and we’ll deliver it the next day*
  • Have a question? Contact our Answer Center between 8am and 8pm EST, Monday through Friday
  • We’re a proud member of the SmartEquip network, making it easier than ever to ensure that rental locations are getting the most out of their Vanguard powered equipment
*Available in most states